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PNS Abstract Prizes

Each year the PNS presents seven named lectures and provides a $750 USD prize to seven Junior Members presenting oral platform or oral poster abstracts, as a tribute to the luminaries in our field. Being chosen as a plenary speaker or prize recipient is considered an honor and commemorates the contributions of previous leaders in the industry.

Past Plenary Lecturers:

Richard P. Bunge Lecture - Biology of Nerve (Established 1997)


1997: Mary B. Bunge
1999: Tony L. Yaksh
2001: Steven S. Scherer
2003: Godan Lundborg
2005: Hugh J. Willison
2007: Ueli Suter
2009 James L. Salzer
2011: Marc Tessier-Lavigne
2013: Kristjan R. Jessen
2015: Matthew Rasband
2017: Elior (Ori) Peles
2018: Erika Holzbaur
2019: Alison Lloyd
2021: Laura Feltri

Peter J. Dyke Lecture - Diabetes and Clinical Topics (Established 2013)


2013: Roy Freeman
2015: David Bennett
2017: Gary Lewin
2018: Peter McNaughton
2019: Jan Geert Biessels
2021: Michael Caterina


Arthur K. Asbury Lecture - GBS/CIDP/Inflammatory Neuropathy (Established 2017)


2017: Isabella Ilya
2018: Kevin O’Connor
2019: Giuseppe Lauria
2021: Frank Bennett

P.K. Thomas Lecture - Inherited Neuropathies (Established 2011)

2011: Vincent Timmerman
2013: Steven S. Scherer
2015: Bart C. Jacobs
2017: Michael Coleman
2018: Alessandra Bolino
2019: David Adams
2021: Rebecca Schüle

J.W. Griffin Lecture - Regeneration (Established 2011)

2011: Clifford Woolf
2013: Patricia J. Armati
2015: Kelly Monk
2017: Jeff Milbrandt
2018: David Parkinson
2019: Valeria Cavalli
2021: Aaron Diantonio

Jonathan Pembroke Lecture - Cell Biology (Established 2017)

2017: James J. Sejvar
2018: Craig Blackstone
2019: Massimo Zeviani
2021: Michio Hirano

Richard A.C. Hughes Symposium - Clinical Science Highlights (Established 2019)

Past Prize Recipients:

2020 Prize Recipients

Alan J. Gebhart Prize: Guido Cavaletti

2019 Prize Recipients

Arthur K. Asbury Prize: Stephen Keddie
Richard P. Bunge Prize: Federica Grandi
Peter J. Dyck Prize: Raiza Bonomo
J.W. Griffin Prize: Anthony Cirrincione
P.K. Thomas Prize: Andrea Cortese
Jonathan Pembroke Prize: Gonzalo Perez Siles
Richard A.C. Hughes Prize: Christa Walgaard
Alan J. Gebhart Prize: Eva Feldman & Douglas Zochodne

2018 Prize Recipients

Arthur K. Asbury Prize: Divyanshu Dubey
Richard P. Bunge Prize: Charlotte Sumner
Peter J. Dyck Prize: Krish Chandrasekaran
J.W. Griffin Prize: Thomas Brushart
P.K. Thomas Prize: Yueqin Zhou
Jonathan Pembroke Prize: Sung- Tsang Hseih
Alan J. Gebhart Prize: Richard A.C. Hughes

2017 Prize Recipients

Arthur K. Asbury Prize: Rhona McGonigal
Richard P. Bunge Prize: Marta Pellegata
Peter J. Dyck Prize: Andreas Themistoleow
J.W. Griffin Prize: Jorge Galino
P.K. Thomas Prize: Dana Bis
Jonathan Pembroke Prize: Haruki Koike
Alan J. Gebhart Prize: Susumu Kusunoki

2015 Prize Recipients

Arthur K. Asbury Prize: R. Huizinga
Richard P. Bunge Prize:
Peter J. Dyck Prize: L. Van Helleputte
J.W. Griffin Prize:  M. Kaller
P.K. Thomas Prize: S. Carmona
Jonathan Pembroke Prize: Z. Li
Alan J. Gebhart Prize: Steven Scherer and Hugh Willison